Privacy Policy

I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not going to write a legal document here. I'm just going to tell you what I do with your data.

Important: When you use the explorer, your requests will appear in the web server logs (non-cached part) or analytics data, so there might be enough information to link different addresses together depending on your requests (searches, page visits, etc.) I will not use this information against anyone or give them to anyone else, nor will I actively collect and derive such information from various logs.

Depending on the code configuration, this explorer might have different analytic scripts embedded on every page. Below are what's enabled on this explorer instance.


This site uses Cloudflare to protect the server from attacks, so all web requests go through Cloudflare's CDN nodes before hitting this server. Cloudflare will collect data about those requests, so you should read their policies:

I can access aggregated request data and individual security logs to identify possible attacks and act on them.

This site also uses Cloudflare Analytics. I use the performance data and Core Web Vitals statistics to help me optimize the explorer.

Plausible Analytics (Self-hosted)

This site uses a self-hosted Plausible Analytics instance. It's an open-source alternative to Google Analytics and collects simple metrics. The data is open as well, so you can see what I see: Live data

To opt-out of Plausible Analytics, please click the "Opt Out" link in the website footer.

For more questions and suggestions about this privacy policy, please send emails to [email protected] .